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Lighted Shelf

Take beautifying your space to a completely different level with the StudioSync Lighted Shelf. This innovative wireless wall shelf eliminates the need for additional decorative lights and is suitable for a wide range of spaces. Its contemporary aesthetic makes it easy to pair with existing décor for a functional and efficient lighting solution.

Studiosync Lighted Shelf

Compared to a simple standard wireless LED picture light, the StudioSync Lighted Shelf provides a higher value. Use this easy to install decorative shelf as a picture light to showcase artwork, awards, photo frames, vases, sculptures, and anything else you wish to keep front and center. The innovative design of this product allows you to eliminate the need for having separate bookcases, shelving units, and lamps—saving you counter space and allowing you to place a lighting unit where you never thought possible before. A 15-pound capacity allows plenty of room to display your favorite treasures in a stylish and eye-catching fashion.

Two removable light canisters can be pointed either up or down, providing you with either a reading light or an accent light depending on your needs. The bright lighting displayed by this piece is courtesy of 50,000 hour, bright white LED bulbs, while a touch sensor dimming feature allows you to get just the right amount of illumination when you need it.

Enjoy hours of lighting thanks to an 3.5-volt lithium ion battery. When it becomes time for the rechargeable battery to be energized, simply plug in the included eight foot micro USB cord. There is no other need for plugs and cords—and the need for hardwiring is completely eliminated! This piece is a great choice for spaces where there is little access to traditional plug outlets or where running a cord would create a hazard.

Why go through the hassle and expense of purchasing lighting and decor pieces separately? With the StudioSync Lighted Shelf, you can add beauty, functionality, and light to your space with very little effort.

The two round compact decor lights included in this product make a great addition to just about any and every room in your home or office. Install over a bed, desk, chair, couch, table, or desk for added light when working or reading. Spaces that the Lighted Shelf are ideal for include:

  • Bedrooms
  • Dorm Rooms
  • Home Offices
  • Living and/or Family Rooms
  • Front Entries and/or Foyers
  • Media Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Reception Areas
  • and Much More

The StudioSync Lighted Shelf is relatively inexpensive compared to having to purchase a shelving unit and lighting separately. This decorative lighting piece is a great value and allows you to effectively add illumination to your space without spending too much to do so.

Durable MDF construction ensures your Lighted Shelf will look great for many years to come. This shelf comes in two ultra stylish painted finishes—either white or black. This sleek and sophisticated piece looks fantastic, provides functional lighting, and is a great choice for those who wish to add extra illumination to their space without having to break their budget.

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