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Need Directions On How to Set Up Bluetooth?

Music Shelf Instructions

Syncing the Studiosync™ Music Shelf to your favorite playlist is fun!

IMPORTANT:  You must charge speaker shelf for 30 minutes before connecting to your Bluetooth® enabled device.  ONE SCREW MUST GO INTO WALL STUD TO KEEP SHELF SECURELY FASTENED TO WALL.  ALL SCREWS MUST BE USED TO INSTALL PROPERLY.  Please follow these instructions carefully to connect your device to the shelf’s Bluetooth®.  Use your device owner’s manual if you need to troubleshoot your Bluetooth® set.

Note: Apple’s recent iOS 10 software update, the iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus may cause connectivity issues with the StudioSync Music Shelf’s Bluetooth speakers.  Please contact Apple for more information on when a solution is available.

music shelf set up directions

To pair your device to the Music Shelf’s Bluetooth® for the first time:

  • To turn on the shelf and Bluetooth® connection, press and hold the pair button for at least 3-4 seconds until you hear a bell chime and the Status Light turns on and flashes blue.
    • NOTE:  Only one device can be paired with the Music Shelf at a time.  The Status Light will turn blue and flash during the connection.
  • Got to Settings/Connections on your Bluetooth® device and search for XS008 to pair.  When the connection is made, you will hear the bell chime again.  Now you’re all set to enjoy your music!
  • To sync to a different device, press the pair button on the shelf again until you hear the bell chime.  This will disconnect the current device that is playing music.  The second device should now be able to locate XS008.
  • To turn off the shelf completely press and hold down the pair button for up to 6 seconds until the blue light turns red and you hear a different bell chime.  Download the PDF below for easy to follow shelf installation directions.

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