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4 Reasons Music Shelf Speakers Are Awesome

by / Saturday, 08 November 2014 / Published in Latest posts

Amazing Sound Quality

StudioSync understands that sound quality is truly important to real music lovers. There’s no reason to sacrifice sound quality for convenience anymore. And there’s no need to clutter up display shelves to get better sound quality.

The Studiosync Music Shelf’s wireless speaker system includes two 60-watt speakers, and is engineered to produce the clearest sound possible. So your music just sounds better.

Great Value

These powerful and compact wireless speakers are inexpensive compared in price to most Bluetooth speaker systems, which makes them a great value. Since they are inside of a wall shelf, they are ideal for the dorm, your exercise room, the kitchen or living rooms.

Wireless Speakers Add Useful Space

Most Bluetooth speakers are long or bulky, and they all have to go somewhere. That means you either put them on your desk, nightstand or book shelf. While these compact speakers are small, they still take up valuable shelf space you could use for other things.

That means you end up stacking your things on the floor or your desk where they break or get lost.

Since Studiosync speakers are mounted inside a decorative shelf, you can enjoy music right from your Bluetooth device and add more shelf space. You’ll add enjoyment to your life, plus gain valuable space!  You can use this display shelf for kitchen shelving, bedroom shelving, as a book shelf, or even garage storage.  If you are looking for closet organizers or ways to organize your closet without sacrificing style, consider adding the speaker shelf and liven up the room with sound.

The decorative wall shelf can mount just about anywhere. It secures right to any interior wall with a simple-to-mount brace. The shelf slides on and secures in place. It will hold books, knick-nacks, and other devices.

The best part is you can mount the shelf anywhere you want. Place it near your bed so you can listen to music before you go to sleep, or next to a desk for music while you work.  It makes a great DVD shelf or bookshelf too.

Place it wherever you need an additional shelf to store your items. The bluetooth works up to 32 feet away, so it’s even perfect for larger rooms!  Need more shelving?  The music shelf’s simple sleek style coordinates with just about any style shelving unit.

The Sound of Advanced Technology Content

The other impressive feature of the innovative wall shelf speakers is the technology inside. The interface is clean, compact and easy to operate. The speakers include a mini-USB cord to sync direct by cable, and a sync light. The 3.7V Lithium ion battery lasts for 24 hours and the included cord recharges the battery fast.

It’s easy to set up your speakers with any portable. Just follow the pairing instructions and you are set to enjoy your favorite songs right away.

This is the inexpensive option, especially when compared to other Bluetooth speakers. You will end up paying much more for a set of small, compact speakers that just don’t offer the same sound quality.

With this space-saving design, you can truly enjoy your music plus add a useful wall shelf to your room. That’s really a great value.

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